About Joaquín


Hello there, I'm Joaquín!

I am a Computer Engineer currently located in the lovely city of Zaragoza (Spain), right between Madrid and Barcelona [41°39N 0°53W].

I have more than 6 years of experience, including International experience, I've worked for several companies across Europe, both on site and as freelance. And I follow the best and latest practices on the market.

My primary area of expertise is Advanced PHP Development: Web applications, CMS, eCommerce, and bespoke PHP solutions. PHP Frameworks like WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Yii don't have secrets for me.

I love coding from scratch, I tend to use only carefully selected libraries and tools to help my web development process. Apart from web development I also do Android and iOS, but just for fun.


I try to stay on top of what is deemed to be the "trend" in web development.

As I said my primary area of expertise is PHP development; apart from bespoke PHP projects, I've worked with several frameworks, these ones have no secrets to me:


In terms of code, as a Software Engineer I try to follow good practices, design patterns, the Solid principles etc. Git, PHPStorm, Jenkins, CodeShip, PHPMd, PHPCs, PHPDocs... help me to achieve that.

A little more about me?

I've been very lucky to be around amazing professionals in every company I worked in, and I've gotten a whole lot out of each experience.

Working for Libelium, I had the opportunity to get involved in amazing projects related to Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, R&D projects, and cloud computing.
In Factor 3, I had the opportunity to develop large projects, and work for important clients. I also learnt to work with Agile development methods like Scrum, and to work more efficiently, using test driven development processes and good practices.

And finally, in terms of education, I'm Computer Engineer (Msc. Computer Engineering [2005/2010]) from the University of Zaragoza, with one year as exchange student at The University of Glasgow [2010].

Although my native language is Spanish, I speak fluent English, and some German.