WordPress plugins


Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. These plugins are my contribution to the WordPress Open Source community.The plugins are Free Software and are made available free of charge.

Easy hotjar WordPress

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Set up hotjar on your site in a matter of seconds. The Easy hotjar WordPress plugin helps you to set up hotjar on your site.

Open hotjar configuration page
Enter your hotjar site id

Easy Admin Menu

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Your WordPress admin menu is a mess? This is the perfect plugin for you! With this plugin you can reorder, hide and rename items in the Admin Menu as easy as pie!

- Drag and Drop the items of your Menu in the correct order.
- Rename the items.
- Click "hide" in the items you want to hide.
- Press save.

Easy Wysiwyg Style

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The Easy Wysiwyg Style WordPress plugin makes it even easier to format your content and customize your site. Enhances your Wysiwyg and adds the insert table functionality.

Specify the Context Class name. The context class name is the css class that wraps the container where you place your Wysiwyg content.
Specify the CSS file location in your theme (style.css , css/style.css)

Easy Login Form

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The Easy Login Form is a WordPress plugin that allows you to change the styling of the login form.

Go to Settings -> Easy Login Form
Specify your website logo location (inside your theme). For example: images/logo.png
Set the Background page colour. Using the colour picker! you don't need to know the colour code.
Set the Background form colour, and the Front form colour.
Press "save changes".
Check your result on "Preview", and if you liked it, that's it!

Easy Timeout Session

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The Easy Timeout Session is a plugin that allows you to change the session timeout for a WordPress user.

- Open Timeout Session Page
- Specify the session length (you can specify in seconds, hours or days)

Easy Options Page

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Create Options Pages in less than 2 minutes! Specify the Title of the page, the icon, and the options.

- Select the icon for your page from a list of icons, all of them prepared and optimized for > 3.8 wordpress admin panel.
- For the options you can specify text string or image. (more options are coming in next updates!)
- We also provide "shortcodes" to use the options inside your posts.