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Welcome to Joaquín Ruiz’s journey!

I am Joaquín Ruiz, a seasoned Head of Technology with a demonstrated track record of steering technological excellence and innovation within organizations. Currently serving as Head of Technology and Professor, I bring over 15 years of experience in leading cross-functional teams, crafting and executing technology strategies, and aligning initiatives with business objectives.

Joaquin Ruiz as Evangelist
Joaquin Ruiz as Leader
Joaquin Ruiz as Developer

As a dedicated leader, I thrive in guiding teams towards success and fostering a collaborative work environment. With a proven track record as Head of Technology, Manager and Technical Lead, I’ve honed my skills in strategic decision-making, motivating individuals, and setting clear goals. My leadership philosophy revolves around empowering teams to reach their full potential, ensuring a collective journey towards excellence and innovation.


Bringing a wealth of technical expertise, I thrive in the intricate realm of software development, with a particular emphasis on complex algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). From spearheading the development of intricate algorithms to managing artificial intelligence projects, my commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that I can tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions. My hands-on experience encompasses diverse domains, including the implementation of sophisticated algorithms, leveraging machine learning models, and optimizing AI applications for efficiency and performance.


As a seasoned developer, my passion lies in crafting innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve. Whether it’s back-end modules, front-end theming, or integrations with ERP and CRM systems, my hands-on experience has equipped me with the skills to bring ideas to life. My commitment to excellence in code review processes and adherence to industry best practices underscores my dedication to delivering high-quality software solutions.

Being an evangelist is more than a role; it’s a commitment to driving innovation and embracing emerging technologies. Throughout my career, I have been a passionate advocate for the transformative potential of technology. From exploring new technologies and prototyping concepts to actively engaging in the developer community, I bring a zeal for innovation that goes beyond the conventional, always seeking to inspire and contribute to the tech ecosystem.