Full-Stack & Lead Developer.

About me

Hello there, I'm Joki! a highly resourceful, and talented Computer Engineer (MSc) currently located in the lovely city of Zaragoza (Spain).

I have more than 8 years of experience working as Full-Stack Developer, including International experience; and 2 years leading teams.

My primary area of expertise is Advanced PHP Development: Web applications, CMS, eCommerce, and bespoke PHP solutions.

Magento 1, Magento 2

I am Magento Cerfified Developer, and I currently work as Magento Lead Developer and Magento Consultant.


Several years working with WordPress, speaker in conferences, and 6 plugins published on the Official Repository.


I have worked with multiple PHP frameworks, but Laravel is the one I find more useful to develop web apps.


Sysadmin, Arduino, Javascript, DevOps, iOS & Android... are also among the technologies I work on.


Import customers with hashed passwords into Magento 2

23rd August 2018

Whether you are migrating your site from Magento 1, or from another platform, like WordPress, Prestashop, Symfony... you likely have a customer database you are interested in migrating to your new Mag...

MageTitans España 2018. The UI Component… Ally or Enemy?

4th July 2018

On June the 29th, I gave a presentation at the MageTitans España 2018, in Valencia, about the UI Components. The Magento 2 UI Components are considered by a large part of the Magento community to be o...

WordCamp Zaragoza 2018 – My experience as a speaker

14th January 2018

I spoke at the WordCamp Zaragoza 2018 about the plugins and the WordPress.org official repository. If you couldn't attend my presentation, you can review it here! :D...

The step-by-step guide to set up PhpStorm for Magento 2

24th May 2017

Magento 2 is a complex platform/framework, therefore we need to use all of the tools we have to help us to develop Magento properly. I present you The step-by-step guide to set up PhpStorm for Magento...

Magento – show empty grouped products

19th December 2016

Magento doesn't show in the catalog view empty grouped products. In other words, Grouped products with no associated products. I'm showing how to show empty grouped products by removing the price inde...

Running Cron Jobs in Magento 2

16th September 2016

Running Cron Jobs in Magento 2 can be very useful to automate repetitive tasks. A cron is a Linux utility which schedules a command or script on your server to run automatically at a specified time an...