Hello there, I'm Joaquín! (aka Joki)

I am a Computer Engineer currently located in the lovely city of Zaragoza (Spain), right between Madrid and Barcelona [41°39N 0°53W].

I have more than 7 years of experience working with several PHP frameworks, including International experience, I've worked for several companies across Europe, both on site and as freelance. And I follow the best and latest practices on the market.

I currently work as Magento Lead Developer and Magento Consultant at Hiberus Tecnologia.

I consider myself a Full-Stack Developer as I have several years of expertise in both Frontend, Backend and System Administration.

My primary area of expertise is Advanced PHP Development: Web applications, CMS, eCommerce, and bespoke PHP solutions. I know PHP Frameworks like Magento, WordPress, Laravel, Yii like the back of my hand ;)