How to run Magento 2 from a subdirectory

Joaquín Ruiz - 4th February 2019

How to run Magento 2 from a subdirectory
  • Date:   4th February 2019
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Imagine you need to run a Magento 2 installation from a subdirectory, using Nginx, but you don’t have ownership of the main site, just the subdirectory.

So we are not talking here about store view codes, redirect loops etc, we are talking about this:

Server 1 :
/shop/ -> IP Server 2
Server 2 :

The problem

Magento 2 has differences in terms of application structure and directories with Magento 1. (see image below)

The most important difference here is the endpoint. While in Magento 1 the endpoint is the index file of the Magento installation, “[magento]/index.php”, in Magento 2, the endpoint is inside the pub folder, “/[magento]/pub/index.php”.

Therefore all request for each store-view will go through this folder.

Create Subfolders

For each Base URL you have to add a subfolder at the end, so if you need to have You will need to create

mkdir ~/[magento]/pub/shop

Create Symlinks

Then you need to create symlinks inside the subfolder just created to the static content folders, like ‘media’, ‘static’… This is neccesary because Magento 2 will go to gather this information inside the reference given by the endpoint, that is inside the “pub/shop” folder.

For example:

ln -s ../media media
ln -s ../static static

For the index.php, instead of symlink. You need to copy it and modify the relative path for the app/bootstrap script. Like follows:


require realpath(DIR) . ‘/../app/bootstrap.php’;


require realpath(DIR) . ‘/../../app/bootstrap.php’;

Nginx Configuration

And finally, make sure that the entry point of the Nginx file points to the correct folder.

location /shop/ {
    index index.php 
    try_files $uri $uri/ /shop/index.php?$args;

Did you face this problem? How did you solve it? Please comment below! 🙂

The Author

Joaquín Ruiz (aka Joki)
Joki is a Computer Engineer, Senior Full-Stack Developer and Lead Developer, specialized in web and e-commerce. Joki has also a wide international experience as freelance and working in agencies.