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MageTitans España 2018. The UI Component… Ally or Enemy?

Joaquín Ruiz - 4th July 2018

On June the 29th, I gave a presentation at the MageTitans España 2018, in Valencia, about the UI Components. The Magento 2 UI Components are considered by a large part of the Magento community to be one of the most painful (new) features of Magento 2.

Magento – show empty grouped products

Joaquín Ruiz - 19th December 2016

Magento doesn't show in the catalog view empty grouped products. In other words, Grouped products with no associated products. I'm showing how to show empty grouped products by removing the price index from the catalog query.

Magento Left Join on Attribute filters with EAV tables

Joaquín Ruiz - 2nd August 2016

One of the most used method when developing Magento (both 1 and 2) is to filter collections, by attributes or fields. But sometimes, when working with multiple models and complex queries, we need to identify how to make in Magento Left Join on Attribute filters with EAV tables. addAttributeToFilter is a method that can be […]

Cleaning Magento before going live

Joaquín Ruiz - 6th June 2016

Cleaning Magento before going live is something you must do before going live in your production server. Magento 1.9 database structure is hard to understand, therefore if you don't do this cleaning properly, you may end up with integrity database problems.

Magento Timezones and Timestamps

Joaquín Ruiz - 29th April 2016

Understanding Magento Timezones is essential and very useful. Did you know that all of the dates in your Magento are stored using UTC? You should know that your store times may be wrong for half of the year as the time-zone switches between GMT to BST or DST.

Working with Magento product attributes programmatically

Joaquín Ruiz - 5th April 2016

Magento Product attributes are one of the most powerful features in Magento. With this guide you will understand how Magento Product Attributes work within the EAV Model of Magento. And you will learn how to create and work with them.