The Docker platform is the only container platform to build, secure and manage the widest array of applications from development to production.

Make Magento 2 & Docker on MacOS faster with docker-sync

Joaquín Ruiz - 12th June 2019

Docker on MacOS for development have serious performance problems, especially working with Magento 2 & Docker, why? On Linux systems, Docker directly leverages the kernel of the host system, and file system mounts are native. On Windows and Mac, it’s slightly different. They do not provide a Linux Kernel, so Docker starts a virtual machine […]

How to set up Docker for Sylius projects

Joaquín Ruiz - 21st April 2019

Why using Docker for Sylius projects? I used to develop my projects locally, installing all the dependencies and managing all the configuration myself… That’s OK when you code only under one framework, one technology. But then you want to upgrade your OS (Scary time for Mac OS users right?) The Docker platform is the only […]